Frequently Asked Questions

Ready Shed Go

Everything you need to know about our garden shed selection and assembly - supplied and installed across Christchurch


Why should I buy your shed?

Because it can be instantly erected at your property! Save your time and avoid the hassles and you don't have to:

  • Assemble it from hundreds of parts and have a range of specialised tools and DIY skills!
  • Wait weeks for it to be manufactured
  • Wait weeks for it to be transported to your nearest depot for you to pick it up or then have it trans-shipped to your door.
  • Hire a trailer to lug the standard kit set shed home from your local hardware store
  • Wait weeks to arrange a suitable tradesperson to assemble and erect it at extra cost
  • Buy the timber floor as a separate extra

Our sheds are New Zealand made and come with a full warranty. 
Our sheds come with a strong, rot-resistant heavy-duty timber, treated floor. This sits above the treated timber base frame. 


How long does it take you to deliver my shed?

We will endeavor to deliver and install your Ready Shed ASAP. Every shed is treated in earnest. If you purchase our stock sheds then we will do our best to have them delivered within the week(subject o availability.

Do you have stock ready to deliver now?

Yes, normally we hold stock of our garden sheds and can dispatch them from our factory the next business day after your order is placed for supply, delivery and install. Check out our range of garden sheds for sale



Can I buy one from my local hardware store?

We keep our prices low by selling directly to you. 

How do I order and arrange delivery?

Just jump onto the "Place Order" page on our website and we will take all your details and process your order securely. After you place your order we will make contact with you within 24 hours prior to delivery to advise a delivery time range and ensure there is reasonable access* to the property and clear instructions on where the shed is to be installed. We will confirm the delivery day/time, address and shed location by email or text message. We would prefer someone to be at the property to meet us and confirm the site location of the shed. If there is no access when our installers arrive at your address then we will have to arrange another delivery time and there may be a charge for a re-delivery. 

We will make every effort to ensure your delivery is completed as close to the time we have confirmed, however, unforeseen traffic delays or adverse weather conditions out of our control may mean that your delivery is delayed. We will contact you as soon as possible if there are any delays. 


See our Delivery page for more information on garden shed delivery and installation zones in Christchurch. 

* Reasonable access is defined as an area suitable for unloading the shed from the delivery vehicle and ground level entry to the property from the street. No lifts, no multiple flights of stairs and we require enough space for the shed to be unpacked and erected. 

Can I pick up and erect the shed myself?

Yes we can quote you for the shed alone, however it isnt our premium service.

Our premium service includes delivery, assembly and securing the garden shed to the ground in our quoted price within our standard delivery zones. Our warranty will be voided if installed/modified by anyone other than Ready Shed Go or its authorised agent. 

Do you deliver anywhere?

Delivery outside of our set zones is something we are happy to do but may incur extra charges.

We supply, deliver, and install our garden sheds. Please see our Delivery page for details.

What is the shed height?

 Ready Sheds come in two styles.  One style is described as a "Lean-to roof" or sometimes referred to as a "Reverse skillion roof" which means that the roof slopes downwards from the front to back in a single plane. This directs any rainwater away from the door entrance. The rear wall height of 1.830m keeps the shed around the standard fence height to keep the neighbours happy if it is situated close to a boundary fence. The front wall height is 1.980m to allow good headroom and maximise storage. 

The other style is a "gable" roof where the roof meets and peaks in the middle( like a traditional house design) The wall height is 1.830m and the gable height is 2.025.

The door opening width on the skillion roof sheds is 750mm and on the gable roof is 1.5m , allowing easier access for larger items.

Where are your sheds made?

All of our sheds are made in New Zealand from high tensile, chromium-free solid gauge steel. Our timber is sustainably sourced and New Zealand grown.

Where possible we source all fasteners from New Zealand also.

Are your sheds weatherproof?

In normal weather conditions, our sheds are designed to be  weatherproof, however, in extreme wind and rain conditions some water may enter through the joined areas in the shed. For this reason, anything stored in the shed that requires complete protection from the elements should have additional protection. 

Does the shed come with a floor?

Yes, our sheds come with a strong treated timber frame base which is designed to sit on level ground. It is fitted with an additional 25mm  heavy-duty treated timber floor that is secured to the frame base. This method of construction provides a cavity that allows for airflow beneath the shed to keep your gear dry.

What sort of ground conditions do I need for my shed to sit on?

The ground/substrate needs to be reasonably flat and stable. Choose an area that is not prone to flooding. Our timber floors can float over almost anything, dirt ,grass or concrete or multiple surfaces, compacted hardball will incur a $99 fee as we will need steel Waratahs to get through the aggregate.

Placing the shed on unstable and/or uneven ground will cause undue stress on the shed and may result in the door/s not operating correctly or water ingress. Doing so will also void the warranty. 

Please Note:

If there is significant work required by our team to clear, and/or level the site we may have to apply a minimum hourly rate charge of $65.00. If you are unsure of your site suitability/condition please send us a photo we can assess and comment. 


How much space do I need for the shed to be unpacked and erected on my site?

Ideally if  there is a space of at least 400mm around all sides and the roof. We can hard up to to boundaries and houses but it will incur an extra $45 fee as we can't rivet the corners, sir we need to move the shed on and of the floor multiple times to get the corners riveted which takes more labour.

How are your sheds secured so they don’t shift in windy conditions?

If your shed is sited on a concrete base, 10mm expanding fasteners are used to secure the shed. In other situations, specially designed treated timber/or corrosion-protected steel pegs are driven into the ground the shed is secured to. 

Are your sheds suitable for high wind areas?

Our sheds are rated to N2 - 147 km/hr.
Our sheds are not rated for cyclone areas. 

Does my shed require council approval?

Generally sheds less than 30 metres square do not require consent from your local council for size.

In addition, below are a few basic guidelines to follow, but we do suggest consulting your local council if you are unsure as requirements can differ between Regions in New Zealand:

The majority of people prefer to position their garden shed against a boundary fence. This is up to the property owner but please be aware that in the case of the Christchurch City Council, they may ask you to move your shed as, in theory, according to their legislation it should be its own height away from the boundary.

If your garden shed is sitting on a timber floor it can easily be moved to another position if required, so that may be a safer option. However, if laying a custom-made concrete pad, this can become difficult so please be aware of these rules prior to deciding on a site.

If you are wanting to position your garden shed at the front of your property, i.e. between the road and the house, different regulations may apply.
The siting of the shed is the property owner's responsibility and we will site the shed where we are instructed to. 

What sort of warranty do the sheds come with?

This warranty is in addition to the Guarantees Act 1993. Nothing in this warranty limits or eliminates your statutory rights under this Act. 

Ready Shed Go warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the period of 18 years or otherwise agreed in writing. This warranty is made to original users acquiring the product directly from Ready Shed Go. The original user’s sold remedy under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement at Ready Shed Go’s option. Any warranty work will be performed by Ready Shed Go or its designated agent. 

This warranty shall not apply to any products which need to be repaired or replaced due to damage caused by negligence, abuse, accident, or shipping. It will also not apply when product has been modified, altered, repaired, or refurbished other than by Ready Shed God or an authorised agent or because of natural variations in materials over which Ready Shed Go has no control. 

Ready Shed Go products are warranted to the original purchaser at the time of purchase and for a period of time thereafter as follows: 

  • 18 years on all parts subject to reasonable wear and tear.
  • This warranty does not cover storm damage. 

Ready Shed Go warrants to you, the original purchaser, that your shed and all of its parts and components are free of defects in material and workmanship. “Defects”, as used in this warranty, are defined as imperfections that impair the use of the product. This warrant covers manufacturing defects, but is null and void if the defects arise from abuse or misuse of the product. Pool chemicals will cause any metal shed to corrode, we recommend that you do not store pool chemicals in your metal shed. This warranty does not cover the cost of transportation or labour except as agreed to with Ready Shed Go. This warranty is NOT applicable to end user customers who use Ready Shed Go products for rental or commercial purposes.

If you have any questions not answered above, get in touch with our friendly team.