Terms & Conditions

T&C’s 1 - Liability

Our installer will always take exceptional care when securing the storage shed to the ground or levelling the site. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of, and point out any underground water pipes and/or cables. We do not accept liability for any damage to underground cables or pipes or any other services and any repair costs will be at the customer’s expense. 

T&C’s 2 - Installation site requirements - clear surface

The site for the shed must be clean, level and clear of any objects, rubbish, plants or other materials that will interfere with the installation of the shed. 

If there is significant work required by our team to clear, and/or level the site we may have to apply a minimum hourly rate charge of $65.00. If you are unsure of your site suitability/condition please send us a photo we can assess and comment. 

T&C’s 3 - Space required around site for assembly

To allow our installer to do the best job, we recommend at least 500mm of space around and above the storage shed for it to be assembled onsite.

We required at least 500mm around all four sides and at least 500mm of clearance above the highest point of the roof if the shed is being built under an existing structure. 

You don’t need to be home when the installer comes to put the shed up, as they won’t need to go inside. They will need to know where the shed is meant to go, so if you haven’t told them in advance, please mark the area clearly using spray paint or some other obvious marker/s. 

The installer will not need to access power at your site. 

Any animals or children will need to be contained or kept away from the area that the installer is working in. 

Get in touch with us for more information about what is required for storage sheds to be assembled onsite.